1 in 5 women that are muslim Malaysia believe husbands have in fact actually the ability to beat their partners

The research of 675 females also discovered that 70 per cent of Muslim females think polygamay is merely a man’s right. But, simply 32 percent reported it will be accepted by them in their own personal wedding. Reuters

A brandname study that is new non-profit group Sisters in Islam has discovered that as much as 21 percent (or just around one in five) Muslim ladies in Malaysia think their husbands have actually really a right to beat them.

“Muslim females have already been consequently thoroughly indoctrinated to obey so that it takes a mufti to issue a statement that girls who’ve been assaulted or violated by their husbands are permitted to keep their domiciles,” the group penned on Twitter.

21% of Malaysian Muslim women believe that their husbands have really actually the capability to really harm them.

You don’t need to assault a lady to be a complete man. #riseagainstextremism #muslimwomenspeak

The analysis of 675 ladies for marriage females additionally found that 70 % of Muslim ladies believe polygamay is actually a right that is man’s. Nonetheless, simply 32 per cent reported it will be accepted by them in their own individual personal wedding.

In many Tweets, Sisters in Islam unveiled that 97 per cent of Muslim women in Malaysia identified their main duty this is certainly obedience that is islamic Jesus.Read More