The Sex Scandals K-Pop that is shaking and Reckoning Over How Southern Korea Regards Women

An overall total of four Korean entertainers have actually suddenly resigned through the industry this week, in a widening scandal connecting the glossy realm of K-pop with a few seedy intercourse crimes. The largest players — Seungri, associated with the influential all-male group Big Bang, therefore the 29-year-old singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young — have both apologized into the public for his or her involvement in double, interlocking situations of exploitation of females.

To catch you up: detectives scheduled Seungri on Monday on suspicion of supplying prostitutes for businessmen at certainly one of Seoul’s upscale dance clubs, triggering a media feeding madness that ensnared the 2nd celebrity, Jung, and potentially more famous males in the future.

Seungri is doubting costs of brokering prostitution. However in statements to your press, Seoul Metropolitan Police state an investigation into his Kakaotalk messages (Kakao is South Korea’s principal texting platform) discovered proof of “pimping” — they claim he had been not merely providing different sorts of females to investors, but he had been element of a split team talk utilizing the other celebrity, Jung.

That is where the facts get more sordid. Police say the near-dozen participants when you look at the Jung chatroom were sharing concealed digital camera footage of intercourse with drugged and unconscious ladies. Korean broadcaster SBS showed the leaked text exchanges, including Jung answering a movie of just one unconscious woman by texting in Korean, “You raped her, LOL “

Korean cable Yonhap states Jung is under research for secretly recorded and provided videos of his or her own encounters that are sexual at minimum 10 ladies he filmed between 2015 and 2016.

Jung, whom rose to popularity for a Korean equivalent of American Idol, is cooperating with authorities and released the following declaration:

“we acknowledge to all or any my crimes.Read More