Does that happen to you whenever you hear the expressed word immorality?

We have pleaded with your bishops to inject the brand new United states Bible therefore the US lectionary with the lethal morphine they so richly deserve. We provide now a third sounding objections (for just one and two, view here and right right here): dishonesty about intercourse.

I became taking a look at 1 Corinthians 6, for a significant kind that is different of, and noticed the NAB’s rendering of Paul’s reproof of this church in Corinth for admitting a person that has taken their stepmother to spouse.

“It is commonly stated that there clearly was immorality among you,” say the NABers. The abstraction renders the Greek porneia, meaning fornication, prostitution; a porne is a whore, a pornos a fornicator, and a porneion a brothel.

We grant that the NABers are not the only one into the translation that is limp.Read More