Klondike Solitaire, or simply Solitaire, is the classic solitaire game. Place three cards into separate piles. Two other piles, the talon and the discard pile, begin the game empty. Tim Winter’s Game Suite a collection of nine solitaire card games – not traditional solitaire games but games in which you race against a clock. However, if the ring is made of gold, you can go even lower because the yellow color of the metal will mask the yellowish tints in the stone, making its white color stand out.

The ability to move around cards makes online Freecell solitaire more winnable than other versions of solitaire. Because this is the first turn, if Player 1 decides not to take the face-up card they must offer it to Player 2, who can take the first turn instead.

The probability that turning over a facedown card will result in further moves is given in the Solitaire Games of Skill program table play solitaire. Wish Solitaire is a curious version of single player solitaire games that is played with 32 cards only. Leo Tolstoy’s "War and Peace" mentions a scene that took place in 1808 where the characters were playing patience.

If I’m not playing solitaire I find myself doing other things (work related and not paying attention to the call). For instance, if you have a 7 in the top row that is buried under four 6s, then you know the game is impossible as you can never match the 7 on top.