Should you are taking down a 401(k) loan to repay charge cards?

I love to tell people that today finance that is personal like rocket technology. There’s a great deal to learn and much from it may be pretty confusing.

Not long ago I invited Lanta Evans-Motte, a maryland-based adviser that is financial Raymond James Financial Services to resolve reader concerns within my weekly on line chat.

Evans-Motte is really a licensed insurance professional, and Registered Financial Consultant. She’s a financial educator and happens to be an economic literacy advocate for over two decades.

Here’s Evans-Motte’s answers to visitors questions regarding their workplace retirement plan.

401 (k) loan vs. charge card interestQ: my spouce and i are thinking of having a $20,000 loan on our 401(k) to repay greater debt that people would pay back ourselves in 36 months and without tax charges.Read More