CHD Professional discusses the Asian Restaurant Industry Landscape, Pinpointing Statistics with This Menu that is increasingly popular Type

Presently representing simply over 9 per cent regarding the total restaurant that is national, Asian restaurants are growing in appeal in the usa. Separate Restaurants (1-9 units nationwide) dominate this restaurant strongly market, creating more or less 94 per cent associated with the landscape.

(Chicago, IL – January 13, 2014) –Asian tastes are using hold in america restaurant landscape, based on information from CHD Professional. The Chicago-based foodservice database and analytics company finds that the broader, inclusive “Asian” Menu Type could be the third most well known menu enter the US, accounting for 9 % associated with the nationwide restaurant landscape. The“Chinese” Menu Type ranks as the 8th most popular in the US on an individual level.

The Asian Menu Type is made up of a selection of cuisines. These generally include Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Sushi, Indian / Pakistani / Bangladeshi / Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, Korean, Other Asian (Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia), and Asian Unclassified. For a breakdown, see Figure 1.

At the time of December 2014, there are many more than 64,000 Asian restaurants in procedure in the us married women website. When it comes to appeal by state, Hawaii ranks very very first, with 20 per cent associated with the state’s restaurant landscape being comprised of Asian restaurants.Read More