Starting A sentence with a Prepositional Phrase

Beginning a phrase

A phrase that is prepositional a team of terms that behaves as an adjective or an adverb, changing a noun or a verb. Prepositional expressions include a preposition (a expressed word that specifies destination, way, or time) as well as a item associated with preposition (a noun phrase or pronoun that follows the preposition).

Dining Dining Dining Table 7.1 Common Prepositions

above beneath into till
across beside like toward
against between near under
after beyond off underneath
among by on until
around despite over up
at except past with
before for since without
behind from through
below inside throughout

See the sentence that is following

The terrified kid h >underneath the dining dining dining table.

In this phrase, the prepositional expression is within the table. The preposition underneath pertains to the thing that follows the preposition— the dining table. Adjectives could be placed between your preposition additionally the item in a prepositional expression.

The terrified kid h >underneath the hefty wood table.

Some prepositional expressions can be relocated to the start of a sentence so that you can produce variety in a bit of writing.Read More