I want Help Writing a Segue for Church Hymns for the Youth Group

I happened to be asked at church this week to create my very own segue for 3 hymns for an action our church youth team is wearing November 13th.

The hymns are typical into the exact same key, therefore I assume this will make this task easier. I’ve never ever had to come up with a segue prior to, so I would personally appreciate any terms of wisdom maybe you are ready to share to create this task easier.

You don’t state the length of time the interludes should be. Then i would (for simplicity’s sake) probably begin playing the chorus of piece number 2 when you are finished with piece number 1, and make that chorus your introduction/segue if they must be longer than 8 measures. However if you need something more creative, try this:

Take advantage of melody fragments to either echo where you have now been, or prepare you for just what is coming into the next piece. Borrow through the tune that is next additionally, the chord accompaniment habits or rhythms.

In the event that time signature is evolving, you’ll want to prepare the vocalists for that, with some measures (2 to 4, and often 8) associated with the brand new rhythm.Read More