The condom that is male probably the most widely used technique at first intercourse as well as latest intercourse among both adolescent gents and ladies in 2006–2010. 14


  • Among females aged 15–19 who had been susceptible to unintended pregnancy in 2006–2010, 82% were utilizing a contraceptive technique, and 59% were utilizing a impressive technique. 14
  • The first time they had sex; 86% and 93%, respectively, said they did so the last time they had sex among sexually experienced 15–19-year-olds during that period, 78% of women and 85% of men reported having used a contraceptive. 14
  • In 2006–2010, chances of pregnancy before age 20 were two times as high for adolescent women who hadn’t utilized a contraceptive technique at very very first intercourse in terms of those that had. 14
  • Among the list of 2.5 million sexually active females aged 15–19 whom reported current (i.e., within the past 90 days) utilization of contraceptives in 2011–2013, 55% relied regarding the condom; 35% regarding the product; 20% on withdrawal; 8% regarding the injectable, spot or band; and 3% in the IUD. 15,16
  • In 2006–2010, 20percent of intimately active females aged 15–19 and 34% of intimately active men exactly the same age reported having used both the condom and a hormone technique the very last time that they had sex. 14


  • Whenever utilized properly, modern contraceptives are amazing at preventing maternity. The 68% who use contraceptives consistently and correctly throughout the course of any given year account for only 5% of all unintended pregnancies; in contrast, the 18% who use contraceptives inconsistently account for 41% of unintended pregnancies, and the 14% who do not use contraceptives at all or have a gap in use of at least one month account for 54% of unintended pregnancies among U.S. women at risk of unintended pregnancy. 4
  • Contraceptive failure prices are understood to be the portion of users who can get pregnant in the first year of starting use.Read More